About ExTrace® (Version 2)

Developed by E&I personnel for E&I personnel #

The ExTrace® Asset Management and Inspection System assists companies in their compliance with national legislations, such as DSEAR and ATEX, regarding the maintenance, inspection and testing of E, I & M equipment located throughout their facilities.

Site Management #

ExTrace® allows you to establish a database that reflects YOUR SITE(s), allowing areas to be specified up to 6 location levels and can be named as appropriate for your site(s):

  • Multiple SITE(s)
  • Multiple UNIT(s)
  • Multiple AREA(s)
  • Multiple VESSEL(s)
  • Multiple LEVEL(s)
  • Multiple GRID REFERENCE(s)

Asset Management #

The ExTrace® Asset Management and Inspection System enables generation of a concise register of Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical equipment. These registers can be easily stored on a bespoke database, allowing interrogation by multiple filtering parameters, such as:

  • Site/location.
  • Manufacturer, model and serial number.
  • Asset tag and barcode.
  • Date of registration or inspection.
  • Protection concept.
  • Name of inspector.

Asset Inspection #

The ExTrace® Asset Management and Inspection System is used by F.E.S. (EX) Limited to conduct inspections to the most current relevant standards, such as BS EN 60079 17:2014.

By utilising our user friendly and intelligent asset registration system, all relevant information is captured in an accurate and time-effective manner. ExTrace® automatically generates inspections schedules, prioritising all non-conformances for remedial action.

ExTrace® gives many other benefits such as:

  • Barcode and QR Code registration/recognition for individual items of equipment.
  • Inspection schedules representing the most recent and relevant standards.
  • Smart inspection software, allowing only relevant schedule questions to be raised based on inspection grade, equipment type and location.
  • Addition of photos and documentation using a familiar drag-and-drop interface.
  • Fully detailed report generation, showing fault information where applicable.

Hardware #

ExTrace® Gathering now comes in two formats. An Android-based application that is run on tablets using Android version 5.1, up to version 10, and a Windows-based version for tablets running Windows 10 (build 2004) or greater. When purchased as part of one of our packages, Gathering comes pre-installed on ATEX-certified "Ecom Tab Ex® 02" Android tablets or, more recently, "i.safe IS930.1" Android tablets.

Asset registrations and inspections can be conducted electronically using our Gathering software, installed on ATEX-certified tablets, within Hazardous Areas classified as Zone 1/21 and Div. 1. Performing these tasks electronically means less time spent on travel to and from assets and also cuts out the paperwork.

Software #

The ExTrace® software package comes in two parts, Gathering and Management.

Gathering, when used with ATEX-certified mobile devices, allows for the collection (or gathering) of information related to Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical assets "in the field", cutting out paperwork and reducing time taken to record relevant information.

Management is used to collate the information collected by the Gathering app, via a cable-based "Sync" process when using Android tablets or a network-based "Sync" process for Windows tablets. Management allows for full interrogation of the data to produce reports about the equipment and its status. Various reports can be produced, from a basic overview of the site's equipment status to fully detailed inspection information per asset. These reports can then be exported to PDF for further use. A fully itemised list of assets can also be generated and exported to PDF for viewing, or to Excel for further interrogation.

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