Sharing files and folders on SharePoint

SharePoint provides the facility to share files and folders, by the use of customisable, and easily generated, web-links (a.k.a. URLs).

Use the steps below as a guide on how to create SharePoint links.

  1. Go to the SharePoint site you want to share from, sign in and navigate to the file/folder you’d like to share.

  2. Select the file and click the Share button to open the Share view.

  3. The SEND LINK section at the top of the view below allows a link to be sent as an auto-generated e-mail to recipients you specify, allowing for an optional message to be entered.

    If using the SEND LINK section at the top, an automated e-mail (containing an invitation along with the shared link) will be sent to specified recipients on clicking the SEND button.

    If using the COPY LINK section at the bottom, the share link will be generated and copied into the computer clipboard for you to paste into an e-mail or document of your choosing.  A button will also be supplied for if you need to re-copy the link (to save generating it again).

  4. There is also a “dynamic” link shown at the top and bottom of the view, initially shown as ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN VIEW. Clicking on this shows another view, allowing you to set accessibility options for the link.

    By default, all links generated by the Share system are view-only.  If editing is required for recipients, this view allows you to specify that by clicking the ALLOW EDITING tickbox.

    You can also set a link expiration date and password for additional security (recommended if sharing with external recipients).

    When done, click the APPLY button to be taken back to the previous Share view.

    Please note: changing the top section (a list of 4 options with icons) will change how the “dynamic” link is worded on the previous view.

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